Canterly Box

Karen from Canterly Box came on Episode 7 to tell us all about equestrian subscription boxes, life on a rural island and her Brand Ambassador Search!


Begin by selecting your box.

Pay at the checkout.

Receive your confirmation.

Only ever pay once a month for your subscription. Payments will be taken on 11th of every month thereafter.

Check us out at or click Here and see our FAQs below...

What if i sign up before the 11th?

Don't worry we are pretty clever here at Canterly Box, your first payment will come out on the date that day you place your first order, and your recurring payments will start the following month

Can i change my payment date ?

We understand that flexibility is important, if you want to change your payment date please contact us as

Karen from Canterly Box loves to hear from people, listen to episode 7 to find out all the details and learn more. Feel free to contact via the website, email or social media!

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