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Dan Petho - from DP Sports Psychology came on episode 12 to talk to us about how sports psychology coaching can help us not only with our riding but also in everyday life.

Like Physiotherapy 30 years ago the rise of Psychology within sport, and our daily lives, has become that of truly pioneering work. Whether on the track, in the arena, on the pitch or back at home we can use different areas of psychology to better our daily workloads. When we look across different sports, psychology has adapted itself in producing better overall performance and creating elite athletes across the world in different nations. Within the Equestrian world and arguably, one of the oldest sports / partnership between humanity and the animal kingdom, psychology has been somewhat a little left to the side-line until recent years.

We find out about how perceptions towards sports coaching and mindset has changed in recent years and get some tips that the professionals use..

From top riders recognising its importance such as Pippa Funnel, Charlotte Dujardin, Vittoria Panizzon and Lucinda Green, psychology has demonstrated its practical and versatile use for all aspects of equestrian life; not just on the riding side. Today we’re going to be sharing some of the top best kept secrets for your riding success whether you’re a happy hacker, a serious competitor or even something in between.

Check out more information about Dan over at his website here!

You can follow and check out Dan on Facebook and Instagram here, he is based in Lancashire but with modern technology he is available wherever you are!

We are looking forwards to speaking with him again soon, so stay up to date with TheHorseFeedUK for more details!

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