Equine Consulting Clinic

Join your host Sam @samsequestrianadventures for an EFT session with the Equine Consulting Clinic. Fin out what its all about as we chat with Kerry Campbell and find out how you can improve your rider confidence and mindset using the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Specialists in Rider Trauma/Confidence/Performance Issues, the Equine Consulting Clinic specialise in Rider Trauma/Confidence/Performance Issues. Offering several services for the horse owner, including EFT and hair analysis for riders and for the horse. Hair analysis is used to look at the whole horse, physically, emotionally and mentally, providing you with a report with the findings and solutions in how to put the horse/pony back into balance.

I specialise in rider EFT (emotional freedom technique) I provide this service in two main areas, firstly to help nervous riders, or riders that have lost confidence or who had a traumatic fall or accident and secondly I work with riders that want to improve their riding or want to step up a level in competition I help them to help achieve their goals! Although I specialise in these two areas, I can help with every day issues with other issues such as : phobias or fears, bullying, exam nerves, habits and addictions, any traumatic experiences, loss of a loved one.

Mission: To reduce fear and replace with confidence and ability for all horse owners that would like it!

To find out more, you can contact Kerry on Facebook just search for the Equine Consulting Clinic, and see some great reviews and more information here www.findhealthclinics.com.

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