The Equestrian Executive

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The Equestrian Executive Lea came on the show to talk to us about how equestrian enthusiasts and brands can increase their audiences.

In Episode 3 we reached out and spoke with a variety of UK equestrians to find out how they were coping during the Covid19 Pandemic. With restrictions recently imposed it was a tense and difficult time for all but Lea came on the show and helped distract us all for a short wile with her positive mindset.

Lea @TheEquestrianExecutive said..

“I am happy to help any equestrian business, if you have a decent following on social media we can help you out with a report detailing top posts to help you increase your engagement.”

To find out more

You can listen to Episode 3 of TheHorseFeedUK Podcast for FREE and contact Lea online on Instagram @Theeqestrianexecutive. #equestrianPR #theequestrianexecutive #socialmedia

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