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Lucy, owner of Super Cob Apparel joined us on Episode 10 to tell us all about her journey through equestrianism, and how she founded

I've felt restless in my work for a while now and wanted a new challenge. I wanted something connected with the horsey world but couldn't quite find my niche. I've been considering a clothing line, but I couldn't quit find the design ideas I was after. I love the slogan prints and have many I wear all the time, but didn't want to go down that route as I felt I'd just be copying others ideas, and I wanted this brand to represent me as well as it could.

Lucy tells us all about her inspiration for starting Super Cob Apparel and why she feels "It's also important to me to focus on ethically sourced clothing. I don't want cheap clothes with a quick print on, I want to know the clothing I'm selling is a respected brand which not only cares about the people who create the clothing, but also the world around them, without compromising quality and durability."

...and how she wants the brand to be inclusive, expect to see a greater range of sizes. in the Super Cob range!

I'm a 12-14, so a UK average for women my age, but so many brands stop there, with me as an XL. Now I know there's always a debate raging regarding the weight of riders and the horses being ridden, but plenty of male riders are tall and weigh a great deal more than a size 18 female rider, so why can't there be clothing to fit us all? So the aim is to have clothing available from 6 - 20 (22 is becoming extremely tricky to source.....but I won't give up!).

Finally, Lucy tells us how she's working with real riders and their real horses to help design collections. They’re her ‘Superstars’! and she is working hard on creating a amazing brand and community of horse lovers who see the versatility of cobs and natives and love all that can be achieved with them, which we think you should defo checkout on facebook Here!

Check out Lucys Blog Here and Follow on Instagram Here. Don't forget to check out the fantastic range at the Website!


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