Find out all about coming on the Show!

We are always looking for people and businesses to collaborate with! TheHorseFeedUK is a Community podcast and without your contributions we have now Show! We are currently on the lookout for Rider Reviewers, Co-Sponsors for Rider Reviews, Giveaways & Promotions, Show Guests, Rider Rants and Everyday Equestrians for our New & existing show segments!

If you want to promote yourself and/or your equestrian business/social media presence then read on. TheHorseFeedUK are looking for regular and one off contributors;

Show Guests

  • Equestrian Businesses - Do you own or run an equestrian business? if so we want to hear from you! Ideally we are looking for a "behind the scenes" description of the brand/business and to learn something interesting along the way. (Join our VIP Equestrian Discount Card Club to offer listeners a discount/promote your business).

  • Equestrian Job - Do you work with Horses? as a groom, vet, artist, insurance sales person? Whatever you day job we want to chat to you! Ideally for a "day in the life of" experience, with maybe some professional tips thrown in for our listeners?

  • Everyday Equestrians - You guys, our listeners, the amazing accounts we follow on social media! We want YOU! This is our newest fortnightly segment.  We want to speak to you and hear about how you balance work and your equestrian life! Let us know what you've been getting up to, let listeners know how they can find you on social media and shout out your friends on the show! 

Rider Reviewers and Rider Rants Always Wanted!

Tell us what you are loving and hating the most in the UK horse world at the moment! 

Email thehorsefeed@outlook.com for more details.