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The UK equestrian community is underpinned by the 1.8 Million regular riders and the 375 Thousand horse owners, the majority of which work day jobs, keeping and enjoying horses as their hobby/sport/recreation/relaxation.  

Whilst is nice to listen to aspirational tales of great riders and hear of amazing feats in various equestrian disciplines. Its also interesting and inspiring to hear about some of these everyday equestrians, who are making sacrifices, balancing work/life/horses and family on a daily basis, in many cases overcoming many odds to reach their goals, all driven by their passion for horses...

"My name is Sam and I created and host the TheHorseFeedUK Podcast, I live in Lancashire and keep my horse on DIY livery.  I wanted to start a UK Equestrian Podcast that as an everyday equestrian I wanted to listen to myself.  It was important that the Show showcase and feature theses amazing everyday equestrians, those who inspire and make the impossible seem possible, building up a grass roots community of amateur riders, bringing relevant news, ideas, tips and professional advice, along with suggestions and genuine reviews and recommendations."

It is also important that we always remain a FREE Podcast, a resource for all, and our goal was to be and remain accessible to all, with the idea of bringing the broader UK Equestrian community together.  Without you guys, Your suggestions, Your reviews, Your interviews there is no podcast, Its for people like you by people like you ☺️🇬🇧🐴

The Hosts...

Amy Bolan

Sam @Thehorsefeeduk

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